Only the best for your malts.

The SCHULZ malting system combines tradition and innovation at the highest level. The intelligent installation offers a number of advantages for all malt-processing industries looking for individual solutions.

Simple handling

Low workload due to high
degree of automation

User-friendly software and
recipe management

High diversity

Enables creating a broad
spectrum of malts

Processes a wide range
of grains

Excellent malts

Consistently high-quality malts
and wide range of recipes

Exceptional hygiene and
gentle turning

SCHULZ Craft Malting Systems

The external soaking funnels with the germination-kilning combo drum make for the centre-piece of the efficient and intelligent malting system. The fully automated, user-friendly facility is available for batch sizes ranging from 2 to 25 tonnes and is the result of extensive research and development. The SCHULZ malting system is the perfect solution for everyone looking for individual malting options.

Individual and diverse.

The SCHULZ malting system seamlessly integrates into various production cycles of all malt-processing industries.

The system in detail

Simple and ingenious. Years of intensive research and development result in the perfect technological solution for individual malts. Learn more about the technology

Learn more about the technology

Technichal details
SCHULZ malting system

The SCHULZ malting system consists of an external steeping vessel and a germination-kilning combo drum with connected aeration technology. By using the most advanced technologies, SCHULZ offers an automatic and flexible malting system that can produce a variety of replicable high-quality malts and malt products.

Leading by:

Leading by:

Simple operation. An extremely high level of automation ensures a pleasant, less labor-intensive malting process that will cut down on work hours. The automatic program offers user-friendly access to process steps and parameters as well as recipes — no programming knowledge needed.

Wide range of products. The drum malting leaves almost nothing to be desired with regard to one’s malt portfolio. In addition to processing of a wide variety of grains, it also offers a range of malt-processing industries enormous potential for product diversity and for distribution — all according to the highest standards of food safety.

Excellent malt. By eliminating additional rotating devices, which can squeeze or injure the grain, a uniform, gentle mixing of the grains is guaranteed. A uniform distribution of the grain in each step of the process ensures a homogeneous development of the product and thus the highest product quality.


  • The appropriate unit for every size company: 2; 5; 10 and 25 tons of barley per batch
  • Easy unit add-on option with additional germination-kilning combo drums when using existing components (steep, heating ventilation technology, glass tube heat exchanger, automation)
  • Flexible batch sizes of 25–100% overall capacity
  • Maximum level automation allows for reduction in labor/ labor costs
  • Simple recipe adaptation and maintenance with no need for previous programming knowledge
  • Allows for experimental processing of alternative grains for maximum product variety
  • Temperatures of up to 130 ° C in a closed system offer the opportunity to produce a wide range of malt varieties
  • Excellent hygienic conditions under the highest food production standards available to date
  • Unique appearance and design
Quantity of Germination/Kilning Drum
Unit size 1 2 3
2 to barley/
100 to 200 to 300 to barley
80 160 to 240 to finished malt
5 to barley/
250 to 500 to 750 to barley
200 to 400 to 600 to finished malt
10 to barley/
500 to 1000 to 1500 to barley
400 to 800 to 1200 to finished malt

25 to barley/

1250 to 2500 to 3750 to barley
1000 to 2000 to 3000 to finished malt

External Steeping Vessel

External Steeping Vessel

  • Revolving grooves for catching and automatic removal of floating barley, straw, husks or other floating impurities from the grain
  • Circulation via spreaders results in a cleansing effect and makes for perfectly mixed grains and uniform distribution
  • Pneumatic ventilation via strainer basket in the cone area to guarantee homogeneous mixing and loosening of the material
  • Fan for CO2 suction in the cone to remove CO2 produced during dry steeping
  • Spray nozzles for automated cleaning
  • Cone with high discharge angle enables practical self-drainage
  • Engineered as closed vessel with hood, protecting the product from foreign contaminants

Germination-kilning combo drum

Germination-kilning combo drum

SCHULZ Craft Malting System’s germination-kilning combo drum is a rotating cylinder unit positioned on four wheels inside of which both the germination and kilning phases are carried out.

  • A double-sided rotation capacity of the drum ensures optimal and gentle mixing conditions.
  • Both germination and kilning take place in the drum, consequently eliminating the need to transfer green malt and thereby eliminating the complex, time-consuming task of cleaning the germination drum.
  • A humidifying strip allows for uniform spraying to perfectly adjust the moisture content of the grain at all times.
  • The green grain rests loosely on a false floor through which the germination and kilning ventilation flows freely and evenly. For smaller grain sizes, the diameter of the false floor’s holes can be adjusted.
  • Frequency-controlled spiral conveyor as an input / output unit
  • Drum frame and walls completely insulated
  • Stainless steel construction for an excellent high food safety level and marginal cleaning effort
  • Laser safety light grid for maximum work safety

Aeration system

Aeration system

  • The aeration system runs on a fully automatic control, adapting the parameters of the airflow to any fluctuations in the crop and/ or outside air, thus ensuring consistent quality.
  • Air conditioning unit with cooling coil to balance the environmental conditions as accurately
  • as possible and to produce standardized qualities.
  • Intelligent energy-saving mode for using the cold outside air in winter while maintaining the
  • recipe parameters.
  • Air humidification to prevent the product from drying out in particularly dry air or climate
  • conditions
  • Indirect air heating ensures a gentle and energy-saving drying of green malt
  • Glass tube heat exchanger ensures heat recovery and saves on energy
  • Frequency-controlled fan
  • All stainless-steel air ducts

Your personality for
your product.

A distinct taste, a broader product range, a whole host of new possibilities. Now you can realise your very own idea of the perfect malt.

Create unique malts to match your particular brewing style.

The trend of regionalization continues to bear relevance within the food industry and regional concepts have been increasingly popular. While the desire for top-notch, locally-produced raw materials and a highly recognizable product grows, so too does the willingness of consumers to pay the price that befits this quality.

Beer is a product that involves emotions, often enthusiasm, and this is true in the terms associated with it: ‘origin’ and ‘local’, for example, play a major role. The strength of many breweries are beers with their own character, which are often very closely linked to their respective region. Indeed, malt is the soul of the beer.

But what used to be commonplace has become a rarity in our day and age: breweries who also make their own malt for their beer. Now, brewing and malting can now go hand in hand once again.

The SCHULZ malting system offers all the right tools so that breweries can return to being their own malters – with the bonus of smaller space requirements and the utilization of excess brewery energy. The slogan "From the grain to the glass "gains in importance when the brewer him- or herself begins malting again.

The return to freshness, diversity and a credible, regional use of raw materials will make your beer unique to the customer.

Seize the opportunity to raise the regional character of your beer to a new level.

  • Industrielle Edelstahlausführung mit geschliffenen Schräghauben
  • Alle bekannten Sudverfahren möglich – auch Spezialbiere
  • Dazu passende Gär-, Lager- und Drucktanks in SCHULZ-Qualität
  • Rasche Aufnahme der Bierproduktion dank kürzester Montagezeit
  • Geringer Platzbedarf, niedrige Baukosten

Technical details Receive a quote

Extend your product range with your very own idea of malt flours.

Go one step further and supplement your current flours with malted grain flours such as diastatic, aromatic, inert, or maltose malt flours, and even offer your customers individual baking mixes. Add to your product variety in new ways and know that our products are reproducible and flexible, and allow for easy integration into existing production facilities. Invest in your future.

Technical details Receive a quote

No one knows your grain as well as you do. Give it the finishing touch.

Give your crop an even higher value and pursue a "from the grain to the glass" philosophy.

Our technology provides you with an easy way to start the malting yourself, adapt recipes to crop fluctuations, and to constantly refine yourself, your crop, and the resulting product.

Technical details Receive a quote

Use intelligent technology for exceptional malts.

With the germination-kilning combo technology, it is possible to significantly expand your product range.

Easy handling, a wide array of product, and little additional space and labor needed: our malting system is an excellent addition to your existing system and a way to expand your product portfolio. An additional benefit includes recipe development or the malting of new harvests on a small scale for testing purposes. Offer your customers an opportunity to produce batches individually matched to their needs –possibly even with barley from their own region.

Standard malt, malt from different grains (spelt, rye, millet, and so on), caramel malts, smoked malts and sour malt – everything up to 300 EBC color units is possible.

The number of regional breweries has been steadily increasing. Among their strengths are unique beers whose value chain is often very closely linked to the region. The credible implementation of these concepts requires local raw materials and thus the demand for regional malt is constantly on the rise. The production of malt from crops that have been grown in the immediate vicinity is gaining traction.

With your new malting plant, you can begin offering an idiosyncratic, top-quality regional malt for the breweries.

Product examples Technical details Receive a quote

Now you define the nuances of your baked goods.

Embark on journeys to procure new and unusual raw material and "DIY" by malting individual grains. Tailor the functionality of your original product to your desires and needs.

Determine swelling capacity, flavoring or color components, texture, and freshness of the end product from the very start.

Product examples Technical details Receive a quote

Refine your spirits with malts that underscore your philosophy.

The most accomplished form of the grain is undoubtedly the distillate – in all variations. Give your product an even more special touch by helping to establish a recognizable taste for your own malt right from the start. Whether you’re using regional or alternative crops; whether you’re using your own malt recipes or creating special flavors for your product, there is an added value away from the mainstream in all respects.

The Schulz Malting System is designed to allow for smoking ovens to be integrated into the system and the kilning. The exclusive production of smoke or peat malt is thus nothing in the way. Thus, nothing stands in the way of whiskey producers or whiskey distilleries from offering the chance for unique tastes and the unique opportunity to secure a rare selling point.

Technical details Receive a quote

Our service team for you.

Our malt-house and craft-malt team is your point of contact for all questions concerning our products and technologies. We will happily assist with any requests on the system’s technology, installation and beyond. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact us directly:

Your service team

Our customers


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Any requests that concern exercising your rights should be sent in writing to the address listed above or directly to our data protection supervisor.

Complaints concerning the processing of your personal data

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your personal data or information, please contact our data protection supervisor (information listed above) or the regulatory authority for data protection.

Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA)
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91522 Ansbach
Telephone: +49 (0) 981 53 1300
Fax: +49 (0) 981 53 98 1300